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Religious Education

Religious education is to help develop pupils ‘knowledge of the world’s principal religious traditions, worldviews and promote tolerance and understanding towards others.


At St Barnabas our Christian vision ‘Let all that you do be in love’ Corinthians 16:14 can be felt from the moment you walk through our school gates. Adults and children at St. Barnabas flourish, even through times of adversity with our strong focus on mental health and wellbeing for all. Our school’s associated values are lived out day-to-day and have a strong impact on our school life and we hope that the values they have through the school will live with them when they have left. RE lessons engage pupils in systematic inquiry into significant human questions which religion and worldviews are addressed. Pupils have the opportunity to think about those big questions through ‘I wonder…’ statements and are encouraged to reflect on their own views and to respect the views of others. Our strong link with our local church is extremely important to us as a school and pupils speak lovingly of the members of the church who share worship with them.