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Educational Visits

We believe that pupils learning can be extended by visiting places of interest linked to their current topic. This may be a visit to a woodland, museum or theatre. Often, we use a visit as a stimulus at the start of a new theme to engage pupils and encourage them to ask questions which will form part of their learning.

Letters will be sent to the parents of children participating in an educational visit, asking for voluntary contributions to cover the costs of transport, entrance fees and insurance. Parents who cannot meet the costs should discuss the matter with the Headteacher. Parent helpers on educational visits will have their transport and insurance cover paid for but may be asked to pay their own entrance fees.

Residential Visits

Residential visits give pupils  the opportunity to participate in new and exciting activities, as well as developing new friendships and personal skills.


Y5 - Croft Farm

Y6 - Condover Castle

Y7 - London

Pupil Premium

If your child is eligible for pupil premium we can often support with the cost of school visits. Please ask at the school office.

Permission for Trips

As part of the forms that you fill in when your child joins our school we ask to you sign to agree that they can take part on educational visits that form part of the curriculum and fall within the school day. If a visit starts or ends outside the school day, includes a sleepover or ‘adventurous activities’ we will require you to give permission for that visit.