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Geography is our understanding of the human and physical nature of our planet.

At St Barnabas, we believe our role is to provide our children with opportunities to understand the world on both a local and global scale, to take them beyond their limited experiences and inspire them to develop an interest in the world around them.  While some of our children travel widely, others have limited experiences of outside Worcestershire.

Teaching will stimulate our children’s curiosity in both the human and physical environments and deepen their understanding of the connections between the two.  Through the geography classroom, we will create global citizens who see their value and responsibility to the planet as a whole. For example, in Year 2, children learn about plastic pollution at Weston-Super-Mare and in Year 6 about how climate change is affecting the world. 

By developing an understanding of the people, places and processes, our children will be able to think both critically and creatively about the future of their amazing planet and their role in sustaining it. They will explore the unbelievable variety in the physical landscape as well as the incredible diversity of its inhabitants.

Our curriculum is aimed at our pupils and begins by equipping them with the geographical skills to understand their immediate world before taking them beyond it and out into the wider one. EYFS through to Year 3 spend time exploring Drakes Broughton with age-appropriate foci. At each point we aim to advance our children’s horizons and create geographers who possess the key geographical skills to take them forwards in life including online maps. Through taking our teaching outside of the classroom wherever possible, our children will be given experiences that will enable them to become open minded and resilient learners. We aim to develop young geographers who appreciate the interaction between people and places and value the world they grow up in.